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A high school located in south Salem, Oregon. Has a horrific football team, mostly comprised of homosexuals. The members of the leadership team are mentally handicapped and are led by Mrs. August, who blatantly plays favorites. Not the school completely sucks, there are some great science teachers here and the head history teacher looks like Vladimir Lenin.
Thank God I'm graduating from South Salem High School
by Will Baumann '08 April 14, 2008
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A high school located in Southern, Salem, Oregon. Nestled in the heart of the willamette valley. Mostly comprised of anglo, middle class students. It's in the Valley Leauge sports conference, and has a rich tradition of athletics, music, and academics. Despite a few Administrative failures, South now has an excellent principal. Mr. Phelps. And what Mr. Baumann is refering to is the social lines that reflect the south student body. The athletic, leadership bunch, and the IB academia bunch. The School is lined with social differences, but everyone mostly likes each other.
South Salem High School

"Sam you've skipped leadership for 3 straight days now, you're awesome!" -August

"Will, did you finish your 200 page biography of Mao?""I forgot","Well F for you then"- Chamberlain.
by SSHS Class of 08 February 20, 2009
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A high school located in Salem, Oregon. Renowned for the excellent achievement at mediocrity.

The sports teams are often adept, with the exception of the volleyball team, comprised of girls who do nothing but yell really loudly.

South is well known for the food, which will probably kill you, and the student body, which might also kill you.

Especially when people walk around with uncapped drug needles and have sex on the bathroom floor without locking the door.
"Dude, did you see the boys bathroom? Someone wrote all over the walls in shit!"

"Dude, I know. Only at SSHS."

"Dude, I just beat this kid up for nothing!"
"Only happens at South Salem High School."
by Willy Blumberg July 04, 2009
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