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High school in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Has a lot of big black guys who think they run shit. Full of pill poppers and weed smokers, you will most likely find at least one kid popping a pill in your class everyday. Salem has some of the chillest people you will meet though.
Salem high school. Aderral, zannies, concerta, oxy's, hydro's
by TheCircle757 February 22, 2012
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Part of the famous P-CEP, or "The Park," in Canton, Michigan. PCEP has the largest high school campus in the United States and is composed of Canton High School, Plymouth High School, and the best of the three, Salem High School. Salem was the first high school built on the college-sized campus in 1970, then called Plymouth-Salem High School. We are the Salem "Rocks" because of the large rock in front of the building. Some make fun of our mascot, but that is because they are too blind to see the originality. They also might be jealous of our great turn around for sports. We are also the only school at the Park with a State Championship in football. Some notable alumni include, American actor, chef, and fiancé of Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka as well as all four members of the band TwentyForSeven. I could go on and on about how great Salem is, I love being a Rock!
Student #1: Hey, what school do you go to?

Student #2: Haha P-CEP problems! I go to Salem High School.

Student #1: Lucky!
by SalemRock October 07, 2012
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