Someone who makes a South Park definition of the same word such as "fag" on Urban Dictionary, even if it has already been defined a thousand times with the same stupid South Park reference.
I'm so sick of these stupid south park kids writing the same definition over and over. Are they retarded?
by After that I said... December 30, 2011
The Goth Kids play a side role in South Park. They were partially featured in "Raisins," "You Got F'd In the A," and most recently, featured in "The Ungroundable." The Goth Kids in South Park are known for smoking, drinking coffee, hanging out in the back of the school and calling the other students,"Conformists" and "Justin and Britney wannabes." The Goth Kids are made up of four students: Henrietta, a kindergartner, a kid who likes to flip his hair, and a goth with curly hair and leans on a cane.
My favorite South Park line is when the cute little goth kindergartner, one of the South Park Goth Kids says to Stan, "They're all a bunch of Nazi conformists."
by Spam Happy March 18, 2009