(noun) Somone who has soundclout is someone who has the ability to set new trends for popular music on soundcloud by using there fame and large fan base.
1: Why are all these rappers using autotune again i thought that was over with?
2: lil uzi has some soundclout right now so everyone trying to hop on the bandwagon.
by lord_futtbucker October 22, 2017
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An "artist" i.e. clout chaser that posts music on Soundcloud only to find fame, notoriety, or boost their popularity through music after failing to get any attention due to having no talent or creativity in music or other ventures and are doing it to for a record deal or money.
Tyrone: Yo, you hear Lil Tay's new rap on Soundcloud
Andre: Na, she just wants soundclout after getting exposed. Miss me with that flop ass comeback
by K_amazing June 07, 2018
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