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When you slap your dick against her pussy before putting it in.
Her: Why did you slap my pussy last night before you f*cked me
Him: soundcheck babe
by SoloMofo November 17, 2018
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Man's greatest invention, brain bleach removes bad memories and general DO NOT WANT moments. Every household should have a few gallons.
1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
by Andikun November 06, 2007
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When you're fucking a deaf chick from behind and you scream racist insults directly into her ears.
I was soundchecking an Iranian carbomb survivor and I woke up the neighbor.
by Jdan Cutsem September 16, 2017
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Making sure your sound is on point before you do a show. Faith Evans always do a soundcheck, about an hour before people come to watch her perform.
I'm getting ready to do a show. Are you guys ready for soundcheck, before it's time to hit the stage?
by Alil2flyfoya July 08, 2014
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Asking for a Sound check is a different way to ask you co-pilot if you have any visually noticeable drug residue in, on, or around your nostrils. Usually after insufflating an illicit substance in powdered form.
Yo, Jeeves can I get a sound check?
by Your Echo April 29, 2019
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