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A soul dedicated to YHWH. A soul who is dedicated to righteousness written in the Torah and who also believes in Yahshua's second return. A believer in His victory given and prophetic Word that has given to mankind the knowledge and security that He will return and kill off sin and the wicked souls sold to lucifer(satan) and the wicked kingdom babylon funded by souls who love money. A soul against satan's new worldly deceived order(NWO). A warrior for His kingdom of harmony. A truth seeker and wise mysterious soul who allow holy virtue and sound principle flow through from YHWH. A hater of the occult for it is a house of lies and evil fear, oppressing the people and causing strife and lies and deception to the youth and those who lack knowledge of the untainted Word. A soldier who knows the lies written by the roman catholic church and how far they have spread them and exposes them. A mercy full soul who fight for the name of YHWH and promotes a monetary policy written in the bible. A promoter of truth who takes away the power from the money changers and exposes the lies and shows how the biblical monetary policy back by food controlled by YHWH. A soulYAH is a soul who believes the poison food of today is the result of evil greedy sin by the business people sold on controlling the people.
A leader in striking fear by the Word of truth to the sinners of the World by truth, righteous justice and never-ending love.
A mind who hates money.
A biblical Israli.
A biblical Nazarene.
One of the 144,000 heroes written about in Revelation.
Unify SoulYAH for your Ruler LIVES and fights for us!
google Leo Zagami
by Kadosh February 17, 2008
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