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A soul slut, also known in some countries as a spirit slut, is an individual with an insatiable appetite for spiritual intercourse. The actions performed during such intercourse can be platonic, but soul sluts tend to prefer acts at the most sexual end of the spiritual spectrum. Whether they're trying to taste your spectral sphincter, or simply grab you by your ghoulies, soul sluts are always thirsty for your incorporeal essence.
Rob: "Did you see the way she was staring into your soul?"
John: "Yeah, she's quite the soul slut."
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by Casper the Fucking Ghost January 24, 2017
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The new term used to describe a slut because the term slut is used so broadly and there are so many fake sluts nowadays. A slut with passion for sex and not in it for their image, money, etc. Antonymous to Faux Slut
Guy 1: Check out dat hoe

Guy 2: Hmm... is she a soul slut or just another cocktease?

Guy 1: Looks legit
by GFSSAMHS May 10, 2011
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