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(Expanded definition) A girl going through rush who exhibits all the qualities of making a fine sorostitute. Usually travel in small groups, except when going to and from a rush event, where they can number in the hundredd. Large crowds of sorostitots are considered mildly dangerous, as for the probability of venereal diseases.
(this definition; orig. University of Alabama S.S. 2010)
A: "Look at that huge group of sorostitots crowding up the dining hall!"
B: "Oh man! Better not eat there for the next few days, lest we get some herpizza (herpes pizza)!"
by ChewbaccaUA September 15, 2010
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Meaning changes dramatically depending on the circumstance.

1) Freshman Ho's in a sorority, or those in a sorority whom exhibit one more freshman like qualities (Sluttiness, dumb, inexperienced, annoying, etc.) that are exceptionally see above.

2) Can also been seen in a positive light, meaning hot, easy, cheap (2 beers and they think your Brad Pitt), Slutty Dresser, and lacks morals.

See Sorostitute.
1)Mitch: Yo Graham, Stay away from all those sorostitots over there.
Graham: A'ight.

2) Mitch: Yo Graham, check out that fine sorostitot.
Graham: A'ight.
by Mitch August 26, 2004
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