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Sorority Rapture is the physiological aftereffect a young male experiences when visiting a sorority house for the first time. Primarily occurs among college freshman males who are not in a fraternity and does not have stable relationship with a sorority member.

The cause of Sorority Rapture can stem from male virginity, sexual desire, and sexual frustration.

Sorority Rapture tends to occur several hours after a non-Greek affiliated college male leaves the sorority house. Sorority Rapture usually lasts a couple days but can linger on for several weeks and months. In this situation, the male attempts to frequent the sorority house in the vain hope for sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of Sorority Rapture:
Sorority Rapture has several distinct bodily effects. Once a college male enters the sorority house and observes its members.

Firstly, a male will experience the "Awestruck Phase". The Awestruck Phase is a lengthy period of astonishment and shock a male experiences when he gazes upon the masses of attractive females. The Awestruck Phase usually causes numbness in the legs and groin. The Awestruck Phase is often extended if the Sorors are wearing scantily clad clothing.

Secondly, a male will transition into the "Selection Phase". The Selection Phase is a cognitive observation and selection of sorority members that the male desires to have sex with. During this phase the male often will cast a blank "daydreamish" stare upon attractive Sorors leading them to make casual jokes which increases the effect of the Selection Phase.

Normally, the Selection Phase and Awestruck Phase occur interchangeably and last indefinitely until the male leaves the sorority house. Upon leaving the sorority house the male will experience more symptoms of Sorority Rapture.

After leaving the sorority house, the male experiences the "Post Erection Phase". The Post Erection Phase is a physical symptom in which the male has an erection after leaving the sorority house. Usually it is a mild erection but can range to a raging hard-on.

Afterward, the male experiences the "Euphoric Phase". The Euphoric Phase is a period in which the male feels happy, content, and in good spirit. It has been theorized that the visual perception of cleavage, camel toe, and the sensation of casual hugging leads to a state of euphoria.

Justin: "Hey Matt, whats with the big toothy smile?"

Matt: "I went over to the Alpha Theta Pi house to work on my ECON 112 group project with Allie and Erica"

Matt: "Dude! You should have went with me. Omigod! There were so many hot girls just layin around watchin T.V and stuff. I went up to Erica's room to get a ruler and I saw Lexi comin out of the shower! You know the one with the big tits, we saw at Scottie's party"

Justin: "Sounds like you have a classic case of Sorority Rapture"

Matt: "I gonna go visit them tommorrow!......."
by Caleb "Who Dey" T May 13, 2008
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