Sophistry is the belief or practice when somebody complicates a point to decieve someone.
1 + 1 may = 2 but if you look into the factors of 1 you realise that 1 and 1 are 2 seperate entities which cannot be added together hence 1 + 1 = 0

A very bad example of sophistry ^^^
by Adnaan March 27, 2005
sophistry is obsessive thinking out loud. it is an attention seeking behaviour that loners or so called "philosophers" use to attract other people and make them listen to their non-sense crap.
"A mind that gives an opinion about a fact is a narrow, limited, destructive mind. …You can translate the fact in one way, and I can translate it in another way. The translation of the fact is a curse which prevents us from seeing the actual fact and doing something about the fact. When you and I discuss our opinions about the fact, nothing is done about the fact; you can add perhaps more to the fact, see more nuances, implications, significance about the fact, and I may see less significance in the facts. But the fact cannot be interpreted; I cannot offer an opinion about the fact. It is so, and it is very difficult for a mind to accept the fact. We are always translating, we are always giving different meanings to it, according to our prejudices, conditionings, hopes, fears and all the rest of it. If you and I could see the fact without offering an opinion, interpreting, giving a significance, then the fact becomes much more alive - not more alive - the fact is there alone, nothing else matters; then the fact has its own energy which drives you in the right direction."
This was a pure example of some professional sophistry!
by Katherine Aya August 9, 2006
- derogatory slang for "anthroposophy," a loosely-anthropology-based psuedo-academic cult formed in the 70's.

- a practice that utilizes archetypal characteristics to exploit an individual's weaknesses; establish that individual as a passive subject rather than a conscious, volitional actor; alienate; subvert and erode an individual's sense of self, particularly in relation to others; engage in character-sabotage; also to pass and/or gather (often very private) information for any variety of reasons, ranging from personal revenge to broad-based politics.
yeah, i steer clear of that prof; he claims to raise consciousness, but he's in deep with anthro-sophistry.
by informazioni September 23, 2011