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A relationship that is just so-fun! You can say two friends are in a Sophan if they're more than friends but not dating, just in between, being so fun.
Boy: Hey I like you but don't want to date you..
Girl: Well we can just be in a Sophan! That way we can just be in a complicated but fun ship!
Boy: Sounds like it's so-fun!
by LordeBroldemort September 09, 2014
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A term for a pair of extremely scandalous secret lovers. Said lovers meet up in secret and have serious sex on fire then call it quites when the morning light penetrates the shadows of the crime scene
Did you hear about what they did? Typical sophan behavior. She called it monopoly but she was playing more than just the board game (if you know what I mean)
by FantasticalityReincarnate September 13, 2014
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