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Poor, clueless drones with an unreasonable love for everything Sonic Team has released post-Dreamcast (see: shit). They tend to form bizarre cults and worship Sega's latest mindfuck (seriously, who the fuck is Big the Cat?). Naturally, they also gravitate towards other shitty things, such as Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, bad flash clones of established series and sweaty, greasy prepubescent girls.

Generally known to display a horrifying lack of intelligence.
Typical Sonicfag in daily situation: "Apparently, he came into Game Giant and asked for a 360, but they didn't have one, so he walked away, came back 5 minutes later, asked the same question, sneezed on the register and then annoyed another customer for 15 minutes or so."
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
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People who won't shut up about Sonic The Hedgehog who are usually violent in nature. They tend to be crazy psychopaths who have nothing better to do than to spam and troll. They tend to like Sonic '06.
Chase The Hedgehog is a Sonic Fag.
by Nostalgia Ripoff July 28, 2009
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He who love sonic unleashed and bathes in Axe Body Spray (despite not changing shirts day-to-day) may also be found enjoying Twilight and/or with a girl whom no-one would touch.
*cough* oh god, whats that smell?*cough*
*cough* oh, a Sonicfag just walked by *cough*
by Lemmyscastle July 01, 2010
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