A song that Oasis doesn't like
Woohoo !

Song 2 - Blur
by cytr0n August 2, 2009
The song that goes “WOOHOO!” It’s by the band Blur. Fun fact, the main singer for Blur in Gorillaz as well.
Dylan: You know that song that goeswoohoo”?
Zach: Oh, you mean “Song 2”?
by Rainiered October 17, 2021
They told me that they are mad at me and they hated the books that we sold! Then they told me that they were so happy that they were now so happily married (oh wow the couple's coming now) they told me that they'd voice war on me, now they're not mad at me. They took back their words! It's like they're here now(Kimberly and Derek)Hey you, we want to thank you for everything you've done! it's like they're here now! That kimberdek. This is all about Kimberdek. Everybody should know about Kimberdek. Tell the truth, the truth about Kimberdek! Hey everybody, the couple is here! TIME FOR DINNER. It was Kimberly's wedding(it was her wedding) she was getting ready and there were tons of clouds in the sky(lots of clouds in the sky)Derek walks in with a charming grin SUNSHINE(Kimberly says)are we getting married or not? (oh wow the couples coming now) hand in hand they walked outside(Derek says) Kimberly you're the most beautiful bride! everybody gathered at their side! such a joyous day but anyway. We must talk about Kimberdek! THIS IS THE RISE OF KIMBERDEK! LOTS OF WORDS ABOUT KIMBERDEK! WE MUST TALK ABOUT KIMBERDEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️😘😍🥰💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Finally! The Kimberdek Song Part 2 came out!

by eirdua-eiram sllim :DDD March 14, 2022