A beautiful girl. She's fallen into her blu, courageous and dauntless. Judges in candor, gives in amity and erudite in undertakings. But she does NOT believe in love. Because to her love is NOT REAL . She says " it's all a game, a trick your mind plays on you to get a companion to fill your head. But if it ever existed... not amongst humans. Don't be deceived by love it is a plummeting hole you can't get out of that WILL leave you broken forever".
Somma ; Now I live my life for me
by CHIMBUSOMMA September 23, 2020
Somma means gay as gay can be. There is nothing in the world gayer than somma.
person 1: "This is so gay."
person 2: "gGayer than somma?"
person 1: "No. Nothing is gayer than Somma"
by Somma is gay May 22, 2020
Suited for work slang for son of a bitch
"Dang, all these Somma Bits won't stop calling today!!!"
by Sonny Black Monster April 14, 2009
a cuss word you can use at work,instead of actually calling them a son of a bitch!
Me: Hey can you help me over here real quick?

Co Worker: No, I really don't want to at the moment.

Me: You stupid somma bits!
by Sonny Black Monster March 24, 2009