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Sometypoway Syndrome affects the central nervous system and attacks you at the heart. It spreads very quickly, and in some cases has been contagious. It can be brought on by your significant other fornicating with others, your dog/cat being hit by a car, your favorite television program being cancelled, boredom, lack of marijuana, etc. When Sometypoway Syndrome reaches its peak, victims might have symptoms such as vomiting, upset stomach, headache, confusion, delirium, shock, seizures, constant tear production, paralysis, blindness, arthritis, athletes foot, inner ear infections, bullet wounds, smokers cough, jaundice, and painful urination. Known cures include, money, drugs, and bitches.
Tim's mom just died. Hes got a nasty case of Sometypoway Syndrome.

Ash just lost to Gary again? He must have a gnarly case of Sometypoway
by Boxtor December 11, 2013
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