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n. The fear of being alone. Amplified by separation from one's parent(s) at a young age, and/or being left alone at a young age for extended periods of time, solophobia is a powerful, instinctual, primal aversion to loneliness, which inspires action without thought. Solophobes seek contact with others at all times, potentially to unhealthy extents. Often immediately indistinguishable from gregariousness, solophobia differs in that it is caused by the desire to avoid negative feelings rather than a desire to seek positive feelings. While it is possible for a solophobe to experience positive feelings as an indirect result of acting on their fear, the root motivation remains the avoidance of negative feelings.

Multiple solophobes, in common company, run the risk of long periods of inaction, locked into the avoidance of negative feelings, but unable to seek positivity. A romantic bond between two undiagnosed solophobes is one of the most powerful interpersonal bonds known to pseudo-psychology.

Solophobia is distinguished from the seemingly similar "autophobia," where auto = self, and phobia = fear. Theoretically, feelings caused by autophobia would remain in the presence of others, but feelings caused by solophobia would temporarily evaporate in the presence of others. The difference between fearing one's self and fearing solitude necessitates the creation of the word Solophobia.
"In hindsight, I realize that my solophobia was the cause of my compulsion to put off my homework to hang out with my neighbors in college, who bored me anyway."

"My dog will scratch at the door to go outside to pee, but when I close the door behind her, her solophobia takes over and she immediately wants back inside, rendering her unable to pee. Dilemma."

"I think I might need to move, my neighbor keeps solophobily trying to hang out, and he smells like hot garbage."
by carl_2012 November 30, 2011
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A psychological "condition" made up by insecure, promiscuous teenagers to keep them from feeling bad about their behavior. Symptoms often include an inability to stay in long-term relationships, constant "wondering" while in relationships of any sort, and an overall slutty demeanor.
"Wow, the way he's leading all those girls on and then fucking with their emotions, you'd think he had Solophobia or something!"
by parr straw October 29, 2007
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