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To be subjectively academically judged and/or graded by a professor.
To dodge giving a direct answer (in an academic setting) so as not to be held accountable.
To have the rug pulled out from under you regarding expectations or to not be told anything specific about an assignment, test, quiz etc., then graded on specificity.
X - I just got soliminied on that assignment.
Y - But you and I wrote the same thing, and I got an A...!
X - There is no rhyme or reason, I did everything that was asked of me, I think the professor wanted to cover the spread.

Student 1 - The profesor said the exam was covering x, y, and z.
Student 2 - .... the professor told me the exam was covering a, b, and x. . .

Student 3 - But he told me we were covering l, m, b. . . WTF! What do we study...?
ALL - we just got soliminied. . . .
by 3>core April 28, 2011
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