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Solarianism - The power of our sun


Solarianism, the practice of Solarians, was founded on 17/12/05 by two mysterious strangers from Pennsylvannia. It bases it's worship around the solar cyle of the sun, mostly it's rising and setting. The sun is the source of life to our humble planet and in this religion it acts as the god, or functioning idol of worship. Solarians like to sit on hills and witness the rising of the sun, in which they thank it for it's bounty. And the setting of the sun, in which they bid farewell to the god for the nighttime.

Functions of Worship

Every Saturday they wake at approx. 30 minutes before sunrise. They then dress according to the weather, but do not bathe, brush their teeth or do any other time of morning routine. After going to a high spot to sit, such as a roof or hilltop they in meditation wait for the sacred rise. As the sun is rising they hum to themseleves a single note of harmony until it has completely emerged from the horizon. At that point they stare at the newly risen sun and form a wish from their hearts.

Every Saturday evening, 30 minutes before sun set, Solarians go to the same hill or rooftop they did in the morning. Then they sit and meditate quietly until the sun begins to disappear, at which point they being to hum in harmony. Once the sun is completly gone behind the horizon Solarians make yet another wish that complements the once they wished in the morning. Then they say a small ritual of thanks and the ceremony ends.

You can choose which ceromony to attend, as it is not required to go to both. Although often Solarians go to both ceremonies anyway.

Special worships include solar and lunar eclispes of the sun. On these days solarians fast from food and remain in a meditative state until the sunset, in which then they feast.

How to Join

After celebrating your first ritual and you agree to accept the solar energy into your heart you are a true Solarian.


If you miss a worship day or do something of grave discomfort to the sun, it would be within your knowledge to repent. To repent you must go to both worshipping sessions on a Saturday and make both your wishes into wishes of forgiveness.

Things About Solarians

Solarians are usually very liberal and don't believe in an embodied god like Christains. Instead they believe in the power of our sun and the right to be free from bounds within our world. A large amount of Solarians are vegetarian or vegan, although this is not essential.
Look at that Solarian, practicing Solarianism, waking 30 minutes before sunrise and such!
by A Solarian December 17, 2005
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