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This girl is gorgeous, smart and sassy. Always lookin’ like a model. She is an adventurous girl who is always open to trying new things. Very caring; if you are a friend, she will go out of her way to be nice to you. An amazing cook-she makes the best crepes-and likes tea. Gives great advice and will always be there to talk to you.
Soizic: I was going to say the eff word right now, but I didn’t.
by That BRI girl June 26, 2018
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A Soizic is a rare specimen who only enters the lives of a lucky few. She is a devoted friend of which any person should feel privileged yet slightly wary of having. Soizic will support you fully whilst at the same time sporting a camel toe. She will help you relax yet sporadically scream to keep you in check.
If you are lucky enough to be invited to party with a Soizic, be sure to pre-drink for a few hours before you meet up with her, this will ensure you are on the same level of drunkenness as each other after her first drink.

Soizic is a women of many hearts, giving them away daily yet be wary to never upset a Soizic. She has hulk-like muscles hidden within her petite body as a defense mechanism again anyone who intends to harm.
Person 1: Who’s that woman dancing on the bar like a smashed crab?
Person 2: (shacking their head in shame) Why it’s Soizic of course, she’s had one drink.
by Constantinõ October 23, 2018
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