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Relating not only to the act of anal sex (see sodomy) but to any pastime regarded unclean by Jamaican society. This can include, for example, oral sex performed by a man on a woman. Immortalised by renowed lyricist Spragga Benz in his 90s epic, 'No Funny Guy Thing'.
'Say we nuh inna dem funny guy thing
Bad man nuh wear G-string
Wi nah join nuh SODOMATICAL system
Ah brimstone an fire dat ah go bring bring bring'
TRANSLATION: One does not approve of homosexuality. Furthermore, respectable gentlemen will never don a pair of female undergarmemts. One will never succumb to a system that endorses sodomy; eternal pain and suffering in the flames of hell awaits all those souls that embrace such acts.
by Nik Amanovic June 20, 2006
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