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A thirteen y/o virgin who has never kissed a girl, or even had sex. He lives in Pakistan and has a two inch penis, if you are interested in this hunk of man please visit:
"I have never had sex and I never will, but if I find a girlfriend within this video game then my life will be complete"
by Bodybuildingx July 03, 2012
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Sodapoppin, a popular twitch streamer who usually played World of Warcraft, starting tons of memes within his community on this game such as "PYAHH!!!!" as well as "Use the shovel chance!" Which he then turned to variety streaming with games such as H1Z1, with soon to be a beloved streamer, GreekGodx (Leader of the GGX Gang) trying to leech off Sodapoppin.
(Sodapoppin playing Nekopara and shows nudity) Sodapoppin - Reads texts and says the legendary line, Aminaminamina.
by I_hate_normies June 24, 2018
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Sodapoppin is a word used to describe a man who is so scrawnly attractive that he can turn a straight guy gay or a gay guy extremely horny.
He also makes every male on Earth rethink their sexuality in some way or the other being in a straight way or not.
Person 1: Did you see Sodapoppin's stream last night?
Person 2: I could only watch 15 minutes of it before my laptop broke, But I guess it was about time I got a new one though, had last one for a month and the keyboard got all crusty and sticky.
by DonkPZ December 26, 2018
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Fucking a bitch with an inanimate object to convince her that your dick is larger than it actually is.


"Yea that's my dick"

"Dude, that feels like a soda can"

"Shut up"


"(mumbles) That ain't no soda can blah..."


"Nothing... I ain't soda poppin. What's for dinner?"
by the merf February 05, 2007
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Soda Poppin in the act of taking a flaccid penis and inserting it into the part of a 2 liter bottle you drink from. Some will fit easily while others will have to be squeezed in. You then make yourself get an erection. As soon as you are erect, you pull the bottle away from your penis, which makes you come instantly because of the intense friction.
by Tbro April 02, 2015
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