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A sock (usually tube) used for excessive masturbation to the point it will stand vertically if placed on its top.
Jeremy has a sock rocket hidden in his dresser
by RobbyD March 14, 2015
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A popular game where heavy tube socks are fold-rolled up into a ball and thrown as hard as possible at someone’s head.
Sockrocket is one of those shared favorite pastimes of rambunctious children and immature drunks.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 05, 2019
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The result of covering one's erect penis with a sock.
Cock + Sock = Sock Rocket.
Primarily for novelty and teasing.
He took my phone and ended up finding the picture of Andrew's sock rocket.

-Any suggestions for an erotic photo?
-You could go with a sock rocket...
by Taschend December 13, 2007
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