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Not to be confused with schizophrenia, sociomorphism applies to a person that can completely change his personality, behavior, emotions, habits, and expressed opinions at will to gain favor when interracting socially. Similar to a social chamelion.

Middle school, high school, and college students tend to be more sociomorphic then adults. Sociomorphism is proportional to desire of acceptance, and inversely proportional to self-confidence. Sociomorphic students tend to have friends in every clique including goths, preps, emos, punks, nerds, chavs, trendys, gangstas, and anyone that is "labeled".

Sociomorphism can be successful for mediating and can actually settle conflicts between cliques.

Sociomorphic people tend to be peacemakers and want everyone to get along. I once observed a sociomorph from my high school arbitrate a peaceful settlement between FOUR WARRING CLIQUES.

Sociomorphism has risks and can be dangerous because some people perceive it as ingratiating oneself, perhaps two-faced behavior. It can lead to a complete social breakdown, an end to friendships.

Sociomorphic people sometimes lack conviction and drift from group to group without ever latching onto anything. Some sociomorphs struggle for identity and fail to grow up simply because they don't know what they stand for.

Sociomorphs tend to be highly intelligent as it requires intense thought proccesses to manage the demands and expectations of the various people they associate with.

Origin: Davide I.
Sociomorphism is a great way to make new friends fast... and then lose them easily if you are an idiot.
by Mallard July 22, 2006
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