A loner or social outcast is a person rejected by their peers because they are different, strange, inept or misunderstood. They are ostracized, shunned, avoided, excluded, and generally unwelcome. They are victims of bullying, character assassins and scapegoats. Their name is mud because of constant attacks on their reputation. Restoring their reputation is nearly impossible for no one cares whether it is true or not. People don't want to know them, be around them or have anything to do with them. When asked they are generally disliked, hated, seen as embarrassing or sometimes not even acknowledged at all. Their bad rep causes them not only to lose friends but have trouble making new friends. They may have a few friends but many of them abandon them because being a social outcast makes you one, guilty by association! Life as a social outcast is a very lonely one.
Joe: Tom is my friend.
Joe's Friends: If you don't stop being friends with Tom we will have stop being your friends! Tom is a social outcast, if you want to be one be his friend.
Joe: I can't be your friend any more Tom.
Tom: Why?
Joe: I don't want to be a social outcast like you.
by middsco April 2, 2011
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Hipsters, artists and geeks who are missunderstood by the preppy mainstream. Often these people find smaller sub groups with much tighter friendships and bonds. Usually they make choices that are considered risky, but are often trend setting. Many of these individuals become fashion icons, magazine or social media writers/photographers, musicians or other similar culturally influential contributors.
The entire team at Vice magazine, Lady GaGa, most of the 'real mufukas' you know all were likely social outcasts at one point.
by deadstep.com March 14, 2014
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Someone who is rejected from the majority, or all of the social groups in an area. You will probably insult them and hurt their feelings, but sometimes they're so damn annoying you hope you do!

Sometimes they turn out OK if you get to know them, but other times, as I said before, they're just annoying.
Social Outcast: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-

Socially Accepted Person: WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?!

Social Outcast: A, B, C, D, E, F, G-

Socially Accepted Person: And you wonder why no one likes you.
by Daniel Day-Lewis September 29, 2008
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A social outcast is somebody who is not involved in social events and spends way to much time doing a "hobby". Hacking computers, dealing drugs, trying to make friends over the internet or mabye playing tennis with "mummy". There are many different social outcasts but the traditional one is the one who always looks slightly high or depressed all the time. Many are alone because they have been singled out as a "freak" by a popular bitch and nobody has a mind of there own to judge. Sometimes they are merely too snobbish and see themselves as above everyone else although this is sometimes just to hide there feelings. Sometimes they are alone because they want to be.
'Jenny's gone round the back again, I swear she's not stable, she's such a total social outcast.'
by Lone Wanderer June 2, 2005
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a "social outcast" like me for instance a loner who doesn't know how to socialize or make friends or the different person who's views are strong and in depth or live in sort of a different time period like I'm a huge music fan i hate most new music and smart as far as math history and much more large areas like those a lot of people like me also have a hackers mentality such as i am smarter than the average person we also fall in the habit of drugs such as i do at lest 3 different drugs including alcohol and this is just my description for social outcast
different odd loner anti-social "social outcast"
by the anti-social August 11, 2011
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wow, Im must be really board considering the fact that i am making this o_O
by meep April 23, 2005
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A social outcast/outcast
is some'one who has no friends and prefars to be alone.This term is given to a loner.
Joe sat reading his book in the corner he had no friends only his books.He never talked to anyone and Craig thought he was a social outcast,outcast( A loner)
by DeathNotexx December 10, 2008
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