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A condition in which a person among your close group of friends knows almost every person in your area and is unable to have a night out or other occasion without bumping into a person who greets them and nobody else in your group. It's known as herpes due to the fact that like herpes, you may tend to forget someone has it, but during social events are somehow constantly reminded.
Sam: Who's Caleb talking to?
Alice: I don't know. I've never seen them before...
Sam: I swear, Caleb totally has Social Herpes.
by Sore Ant October 20, 2009
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When a person(s) enter a social circle, become friends with everyone else, then proceed to start large amounts of drama resulting in unrepairable damage of varying degrees. Because of the "infection" to everyone you know, its nearly impossible to get rid of the person(s) that cause the drama.
John: Dude these women are playing everyone against each other. I can't get rid of them either because one is always around everyone else and the other is dating my best friend.

Dave: Dude, you have Social Herpes.
by Thevance April 20, 2010
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