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A person who is alway saying the most inappropriate things at the absolute worst time.

Social HandgrenadeSocial RetardSocial VegetableSocially Hazardous
Don asks "So when are you having your baby?" The woman replies. "I'm not pregnant". That is an example of a social cripple.

See also : Social Handgrenade
by Don Myers July 15, 2006
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someone who needs support stilts in order to vocalize their opinion because they can't climb the great social ladder or step up or git heard. they need special ramps for easy entry and considerations. they don't need to hold the sacred kon or stick in order to speak like everyone else; they speak however and whenever they want to.
help hold up this social cripple will you? she's heavy as an oxen free and i'm afraid i'll say something that will let her down.
by Chloe Sprite November 19, 2007
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