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A person who designs, devises, or constructs social interactions with a predetermined goal in mind. For example, if one such architect sought to maximize his or her sex appeal, or rather more generally their value, one would direct the flow of conversation in such a manner that portrayed the architect as one with the highest level of value, while also lowering the value of others to further elevate himself/herself. That being said, the goal of each individual architect may vary from simply "getting laid" to engineering the perspective of a generation.
Wow, that guy is acting like a Social Architect.
by Mandarin Foxes February 14, 2012
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A person with the talent or ability to conceptualize social strategies that self-effectuate small disparage groups together to form large communities held by common beliefs, causes or interests; who may not lead or be a member of the created communities.
We need a Social Architect to re-create buzz for our next keg party, especially after the incident with the police the last time we had one. Let's ask Tim for help to bring in the peeps.

Synonyms event organizerpeople motivator
by Millanorvik May 10, 2016
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