Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of an often controversial argument
I am a "Social Activist" and I would like to spread knowledge, and support charities and our brothers and sisters in arms.
by FreedomFighter5543 August 31, 2010
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A tumblr blogger that may blame men, white people, skinny people, attractive people, and almost anything for oppressing them and making the world a worse place. Does not seem to engage in any activity that relates to any actual activism, prefers to judge everyone else loudly and type up possibly fictional stories about how they were 'oppressed' that day. Age demographic varies from teens to middle aged adults, mostly females.

Warning: May go off on rage fueled rants about perceived privilege among other things. Do not attempt to reason with it, logic has given way to just feelings alone.
So I went to hang out with an old friend of mine recently and things were going well until I mentioned one of my favorite TV shows, Wilfred. She started going off about how Jason Gann (Wilfred) was sexist and supported rape. I was obviously shocked and in disbelief. She started going on and on about rape culture, white privilege, male privilege, and it was all she could talk about for quite a while. Then she asked me if I had a Tumblr. It turns out that she turned into what some people called a "Tumblr social justice activist".
by simpleconundrum September 28, 2013
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