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anything associated with the "mini van" body and the bullshit ridiculously easy to drive vehicle, its so easy to drive because of the car chassis it sits on, the full power brakes, its surrounded by glass, its so easy to steer. Anything associated but not limited to Ford Windstar, Chrysler Town and Country, Plymoth Voyager, Chevrolet Uplander or Venture, Dodge Caravan, Mazda MPV, Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest, and last and most definatly deserves to be least Kia Sedona because of its complimentary paper plate brake rotors, toilet paper roll drivetrain, twizzlers for spark plug wires, cheap supermarket send a kid to camp for $1 plastic bags for air bags, and coca cola can hull.
Yo look at that Soccer Mom Assault Vehicle (S.M.A.V.) im sure glad i dont drive one of those
by MYNAMEIST March 03, 2007
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