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Sobkou is more frequently referred to as a whiner of an online game that has received a little heat from his actions (perhaps being kicked from a certain group) and decided to join a bigger group and cry for retribution.

In most cases, the larger group has more sense to feed this whiny troll, but there are instances when a groups' leadership fails to perform and get sucked into asking for reparations of some kind even if it is not in the group's best interest or unnecessary hassle.
Imperial #1 - "That Sobkou.. did he really just join TSO and try to get us killed?"

Imperial #2 - "Yea looks like it. It's pretty lulz he can't fight his own battles"
by Kyvrokz September 29, 2009
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The heir to the throne of the Empire in the browser game Pardus. Rumor has it he is in league with the hipdogs of LCN. Known Alias: TIE (The Imperial Empire)

Wanted by the Union and the Federation for manslaughter, conspiracy, treason, murder, assassination, possession of narcotics, arson, sabotage, possession of slaves, attempted suicide, disturbing the peace, and corruption.

However, there are no witnesses to any of these charges.
(Messenger): ALL HAIL SOBKOU!
(Person 1:) Hey, isn't he that guy that's running illegals with LCN?
(Person 2:) Yes, I think it is!
(Person 1:) There is a big bounty on his head courtesy of the Union and the Federation!
(Person 2:) YEAH! Let's go g-
**Sound of sniper rifle**
by Person-3 July 02, 2009
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