When you and preferably (2-3) friends grab a long tube sock (1 per person) any color or brand will due and also grab a hefty bar of soap, a new fresh bar is the best

Choose from brands such as...
1) Zest
2) Dial
3) Dove
4) Irish spring ect.

Put the bar of soap in your tube sock. Then you legit beat the fuck out someone or someones chick with the bar of soap in the sock. Several swings of the soap filled sock to the body of who your beating means they are having a soap party!
"Yo john doe just cockblocked you from that dimer, and now she went home without saying a word......Let's go ahead and give John a Soap Party!"

"Bro john doe's new girlfriend told my chick I was cheating on her with my client thats married and lives in LA.....Bitch needs a soap party!"

"He hit up my boys chick on blackberry messanger trying to spit game behind his back.....garinz next time we see him, SOAP PARTY!"
by RivG*D March 15, 2009
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When you decorate the bathroom of an establishment with soap.

Best to use foamy soap and not bars of soap.

Put some soap in both hands. Then raise hands and clap while saying "Soap Party".
*Walking inside Walmart* Where did Chris go... oh he went to decorate the bathroom with a Soap Party!

*Claps hands* Soap Party...*Soap goes all over mirror*
by Zaserd November 03, 2014
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