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An orgy made exclusively of men that takes place inside of a four-seater car. The name comes from the idea of several men "dropping the soap" inside of a car at the same time. Groups of people who team up in survival-mode games are often called a "soap bridge" as a homophobic slur, though the word itself isn't negative.
xxx_swag_l0ominati_xXx: yo these soap bridges here are fuckin retards man
a$$h@tmcG33: nah bro, the soap bridge is just too much for u
xxx_swag_l0ominati_xXx: fuck u man
a$$h@tmcG33: ur mad cuz u have no teammates
by ecto8iologist July 01, 2015
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The act of dropping the soap when a train of men form in the act known as a "Soap Bridge"
"I dropped the soap when Pablo came behind and began to form the soap bridge."
by Canadian Cat June 28, 2015
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