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A water park on the Erie Shore. To sum it all up, Cedar Fair hires in pretty much anyone who applies especially foreigners, and they all come to Sandusky, Ohio for the summer. The workers dont give a shit about Cedar Point or its guests, they come there for a good time. There is housing for these workers just off of the penninsula. Basically all they do all summer is work, get drunk, have sex with eachother, then go back to work. For them its the best summer of their lives. The coolest & sexiest people at Cedar Point are the lifeguards at Soak City The crews at the water park are pretty much just orgys since everyone has sex with everyone else constantly, but no one really give a damn. They dont actually lifeguard because their usually too drunk to even look at the water, but if you need a lifeguard in 3 ft deep water then you shouldnt be in the water and probably deserve to drown anyway. Dont ask them dumb questions like "where the lazy river is" because there are signs all over the place directing you too it. Also, dont take an orange tube over to a slide with blue tubes, they are that way for a reason and the lifeguards will stop you and make you take the tube back just because they think its funny and youre stupid.
"Hey man, how was your summer in Ohio at Soak City Cedar Point?"
"It was good bro! I banged the shit out of like 4 bitches a week and drank so much Natty Ice that I wallpapered my room with the leftover cases!"
by getsthebitchesyeah October 24, 2011
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