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Also referred to as: Cedar, The Shoals, Ceda Sho or Cedar Ho. Cedar Shoals is one of 2 high schools in Athens, Ga. It is the most ghetto filled school on Earth. 80% of the students are teenage parents. It is famous for its spicy chicken fridays. There is no other school like Cedar, nonetheless it is a great place, a home away from home. But pick your friends wisely or you might get shot! ONE CEDAR!
Cedar Shoals is the bomb! One Cedar!!!
by Zedsix May 27, 2011
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A school in Athens Georgia that is often called “the shoals”. At cedar you will find wanna be thugs, hoes, and marijuana referred to as “that gas”.
Cedar Shoals student: Aye bruh you got that gas?
Cedar Shoals student 2: hell ya. Matter fact ima bless you.
by Freakwhores February 16, 2018
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