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1. A Generic Response to any given Question, whether negative(Used sarcastically) or positive.

2. A Prefix to any Adjective/Verb, used to accentuate its value(or otherwise)

3. The first Two words of the Best Band in the World SoTotallyHeroes
1. Guy1: Hey, want some Icecream?
Guy2: Haha! SoTotally Do!

Guy1: Haha, you're so malodorous!
Guy2: Yeah, SoTotally *roll of eyes*

Guy1: Wow, what a great Show.
Guy2: SoTotally dude...SoTotally...

2. "Rob, your Guitar is SoTotallySweet."
"Luis, are you going to SoTotallyFinish that?"
"Ali is SoTotallyGood on Guitar"
"And then he SoTotallyPWND Mark..."

3. "Wow! SoTotallyHeroes Rawked last night! Their Guitarist is so sexy"
by Luis Dunbar July 06, 2005
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so -totally; a combination of the phrase "so totally"; a term gaining ground in south Alabama of the united states.
Want a cigarrette?
by Dennis Clark September 26, 2004
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