A truly delightful meme that portrays the most beautiful sides of evolution in its purest form. The meme refers to a nonsensical catchphrase paired with images of King Kong from the film Kong:Skull Island which gained some popularity after a video using the phrase was posted in a pewdiepie video. It is also used in Presidential alert memes.
Presidential alert:
"So basically im monky"

When ya homie slavsquat and he say
"🅱️asically im monky"
by beastmaester 64 October 6, 2018
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A catchphrase paired with images of King King from the film Kong: Skull Island. It gained popularity after PewDiePie referenced it in a video. It’s really just a meme that caught on. It’s been more recently used because of an app called Tik Tok.
ok so basically im monky, my Minecraft girlfriend broke up with me today.
by bigthanosbrick November 25, 2018
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