So Rude

-adjective, so much rud·er, the rud·est

So socially incorrect in behavior
So ill-mannered
So uncouth
So inappropriate
So ridiculous
So uncivil, curt, brusque, impertinent, impudent, saucy, fresh. (this definition itself is so rude)

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Restaurants like Absolutely PHObulous and 9021PHO. So Rude.

If you want a piece of this, you better bring a to-go container. So Rude.

I called someone a douchenozzle yesterday, and my friend chimed in, "yeah with a flexible tip". So Rude

My roommate sprayed himself down with Febreeze before stepping out. So Rude.

I told my coworker "Happy Cesar Chavez Day!" cause I thought she was mexican. She replied "I'm definitely cambodian, but thanks".so rude.
by uzbeckastan April 5, 2010
Literally... that's rude. Created by sebb argo
Sebb: that's so rude
Dion: *laughing*
by Zavij May 7, 2019