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A game that is based off of wrestling/ extreme fighting...but with a snowball.

1. Each player creates a ball of snow about half the size of a soccer ball. There may be as many players as wanted.
2. Choose boundaries. They may be as big or small as you want.
3. Start the game off by shaking hands with the opponent(s) and clinking now balls underneath the handshake.
4. Now its game on.
5. The object of the game is to knock the other persons ball out of there hand thus breaking it, but if they drop it by accident you win also.
6. Whosever ball hits the ground first loses.
7. A majority of your ball must hit the ground in order to be considered game over.
8. If your ball breaks apart you are allowed to put the pieces that you are still holding back together.
9. Try to avoid extreme physical contact but some is allowed and makes the game interesting.
10. The winner is allowed to gloat and smash there snowball against the loser.
11. Make up/take away rules to your liking to make it more interesting.
"Dude I can't wait till it snows so we can play Snumo."
by Chief Quanza March 21, 2009
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