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A very successful item of clothing in the future which shall be mass produced around the world.

The SnugWow is essentially a mix between the Shamwow and the Snuggie ( two very mind blowing inventions to man kind ). The item of clothing shall be like a robe which starts from the neck down to the wearers ankles. The material from which it is made is the same absorbent material of the Shamwow.

Its primary use is to save the wearer from having to use the bathroom, and to continue watching TV so that he or she can relieve themself whenever needed, relying on the SnugWow to absorb the fluid and preventing any mess.
"Man I SO need to use the bathroom.... but it's such a long way from the living room."


'WOW the SnugWow really works and absorbs my pee! And if you call now you will get the limited time only offer of paying only $99.99 - Snug... WOW!"
by Robochik February 21, 2010
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n.- The combination of the two most ridiculous and gay products ever advertised on TV, the Snuggieand ShamWow. This way when you spill some cola, you can just put on your SnugWow, roll around in it and "50% of the Cola, right there on your SnugWow."

v.- To ridiculously roll around in some sort of spill.
n.-"I rolled around in my Snugwow to clean up the aola I spilled, because the mildew would smell if I didn't."

v.-"I have to SnugWow my floor because I spilled some cola."
by Keems April 26, 2009
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