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The brief but intense relationship formed between strangers undertaking similar acts in the snow. This could encompass the respectful nod between two people Suicycling, talking to neighbours you have never spoken to as you shovel driveways, or asking the man beside you if he wants to grab a beer after pushing a stranded motorist's vehicle. Most snowmantic relationships are fleeting.
I got three hugs off separate strangers today. Snowmance is in the air.
by McJive December 22, 2010
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A love affair or similar amorous relationship that is created, or amplified and intensified, when two people are brought together or confined together by copious amounts snow. The acceleration and strengthening of such a romantic relationship when two lovers are afforded the luxury of more time together as a result of being snowbound.
They began their snowmance when the Blizzard of 2010 granted them more time to spend together than their normal daily lives allowed.
by Wendiful February 17, 2010
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