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n: Any person who loves the snow. Typically either a snow skier or snow boarder, but really any type of snow-rider can apply to the term. This noun originates from the late 1990’s from Killington, VT, USA where the original “SnowHo” house is rumored to have begun.
I am a SnowHo.

That dude skis so rad he must be a SnowHo!

Look how he chugs beer from a ski boot like it’s a pint glass, he must be a SnowHo!
by ShadyShitShow April 28, 2010
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A girl that is really pretty,and loves the snow. She is called a ho by people that are jelous, mainly by people whom like to fuck her. Hence the term, snowho.
I hate that girl!
OMG me too! She makes us look ugly!
Let's spread rumors about her.
I totally agree. What a snowho.
by sallygirl1019 September 29, 2009
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When a white female trys to act and dress like black females. She uses there slang and even dates black males.
Girl 1: girl tanisha be all up on my website
Girl 2: whitney stop being a snowho, and my name is tina jeez!
by golden delicious May 09, 2008
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A Skier or Snowboarder who will do anything for Snow, Pow, Powder, Fluffy Goodness, Flakes.
Eric is always Smashing the Pow at Grand Targhee. He is such a Snow Ho!
by BoinBoise May 14, 2011
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A ho that shakes her ass for the poor niggers in the north-eastern part of New York City. Also known as "Nigger-fuckers".
Matt is such a snow ho. i heard he guzzled 80 pounds of Monica sticky cum.
by Rob Thomas September 22, 2006
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