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The best insult you can give someone. The worst insult you can recieve.. A snow chicken is a cross between a haus, a murf, and a leverty.
Benit: Did you see how gay Derick was acting last night after he stopped watching gay dumpster porn and crying in his room?

Jemmy: Ya he's one of the biggest snow chicken's I have ever seen
by Katie Hauszell February 09, 2010
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A very rare species of chicken. They genearlly live in snowy areas, In those snowy areas they live in tree trunks.
They eat worms or dead corpses. They have many enemys in the wild including purple woods monkeys. They actually Don't have legs either, if they are trying to go somewhere fast they use there wings. If they are just moving they float. There are no pictures of snow chickens because they are pure white so you can't see them in the snow. If they get to far from there homes they actually self destruct and there are no remains. A list of there enemys are:

Purple woods monkeys, Giant norwegian butterflys, and flying white ants.
by OOFMASTERBOI December 08, 2017
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