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Can be identified by big colorful shades,(80s types or aviators) shaggy hair flocking in the air, striped beanies, big oversized: jackets, basketball jerseys, tall tees, or big snow pants, have wide stance on their snowboard for steeeze. Drag out their words like they're retarded like "yaaa broo so gnarly sooo gnarls. I never thought i was gonna ride that one out" Snow bros are everywhere but must abundantly found at CU and CSU campus's. Usually wannabes but the true snow bros know how to shred.
Snow bro 1: "yaoo bro check out that chicky with the titties, I'd like to ride that like a slippery slope yaa heard what i sayiiin?"
Snow bro 2: "hahaa yaaaa mane kinda like i shreded up that rail both on the slope and that fine male receptionist I been dating"
Snow bro 3: "not cool bro, thats not the way of the bros"
by NiggaWren November 25, 2009
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Characterized by an enthusiasm for winter sports, most often snowboarding. A snowbro is stoked about bright, oversized clothing and gooey, gnarly pow.
That snowbro in my class wishes he was Sean White.
by rueluv February 13, 2011
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Dudes usually associated with mountain and near mountain towns that wear bright and loose clothing. Typical attire would include bandanas and beanies. They usually sit at the top of sets but never go and are usually not good snowboarders.
Yo, did you see that dude?

Yea, total snow bro.
by Bowlderhip March 14, 2010
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Having a loud, arrogant voice, but seemingly funny at the same time. A Snowbro usually has long, skater-like hair, is athletic, and has "Snow" in their last name. The Snowbro may also be enthusiastic about everything. "Snowbro" is just his persona, when naturally he's an overall nice and funny guy.

Originally created by Matthew Snowbro.
"Dave, did you see Snowbro today? I heard the teachers were talking about how rude he is in the hallways."
by Snowbro91 October 10, 2011
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An Eskimo who also enjoys hobbies including beer pong, abercrombie, sun visors, puka shell necklaces and sleeveless fur jackets.
Dude did you see that snowbro raging snowchella
by Gmastafunk February 09, 2017
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