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When you are "snoop doggin' it" you are typically hungover or beat up from a wild night of partying until the wee hours the night before. The morning has come and you are feeling the aftermath of your big partying the previous night. You are not functioning at your best during this day after partying, and in fact the best place you could be is in bed. The definition comes from dr. Dre's Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang video. At about the 4:34 mark in the official video, Dre and his homies drop off Snoop at his house and he proceeds to stagger in the door. In this case, Snoop himself is "Snoop Doggin' It", and how this term originated.
(after a night out at the bars than the after-party)....Man, I am snoop doggin' it today. (If you see a guy or gal that is really hungover) Wow, he is snoop doggin' it today.
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by showtime58 July 27, 2016
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