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A Snookie-Cookie is a derogative term referring to Jersey-based female private areas that are STD breeding grounds and should not be touched by males and/or females with basic morals and dignity. Females with a Snookie-Cookie should always be avoided becuase they are dirty and usually act premiscuous with many other humanbeings at one time and in one place.
The Situation: "Yo, Guido, watch out for that Guidette. I heard she's got a Snookie-Cookie."

Ronnie: "Yeah, lets bounce and hit the gym."
by TPBruso February 03, 2010
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A game in which a group of guys purchase a large bakery cookie and then stand around it and masturbate on the cookie. The last person to ejaculate on the cookie has to eat it.
Those sick dudes played snookie cookie at the party last night, and jason had to eat the jizz.
by Mr. Samsonite September 05, 2006
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