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A term that means 'snap'. Should be used at times when it's either extremely random or just plain funny.
Dave: Hey, when does that concert start?
Jason: Dude, you are so late! It started an hour ago!
Dave: Oh snizap!!! I thought it didn't start yet.
Jason: Wow, you must be so beached.
by Ashley teh Great August 16, 2006
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exclamative device. Ghettofied variation on the general term 'Snap.' Can be used to replace the word shit or fuck, but also means ' I can't believe it!' usually contains the word 'Oh' before, for heightened effectiveness.
In response to seeing his neighbour giving head to the postman, Johnny replied, "Oh Snizap!"

by Communits don't wear heels. April 04, 2003
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