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A snerger is somebody, usually male you enjoys to sniff and possibly even lick dirty womens underwear. Snerging is thought to be a hobby of the mentally and sexually ill and any cases of snerging should be reported immediately, with sectioning to follow
Andrew, an avid Snerger was caught sneaking into the you girls bedroom, rifling through the washing basket untill he found some dirty underwear. He then proceeded to Snerge to his hearts content, whilst whispering under his breath, snerge, snerge, snerge
by snergemeistergeneral May 16, 2010
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A snerger is a man(usually middle-aged) who obtains delight from sniffing the bicycle saddles of (usually young) females.
Lucy knew the college principal was a secret snerger and decided to set a trap by sprinkling her saddle with freshly ground black pepper shortly before he did his daily tour of the bike sheds.
by Tom Danby June 28, 2007
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