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The word itself implies friendship and love. For in certain languages it means 'friend', and in others 'lover'. It also represents individuality and a yearning to break free.

Such people may be languorous in nature, and their behaviour may seem inexplicable at times. They may dip in to silences sometimes, and at other times talk twenty to a dozen. Creatively inclined, they are their own saviours, their own demons. They need that touch sometimes, that little droplet of love sometimes, and lo and behold, somewhere a flower blooms....
Having never said, "Hello," in a hundred years, Snehith would stumble one day in to your life with senseless banter.

Snehith would stare at a woman, give her all the signs of been interested to know her, then back off, regret and then try again....until then many seasons would have lingered and left...
by Binay March 09, 2011
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