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When somebody is acting sneaky and being secretive at the same time, like suspicious behavior. Usually people are sneakritive when they are hiding something or feeling guilty o something they have done. People that cheat on their partners, drug addicts, theives, and people that are serial killers are often sneakritive. Sneakritive people are often vague and cant seem to keep up with anything they say, and they forget what they do alot. Sometimes you can even find them trying to hide under furniture or glance around rooms.
Girl: Why are you always being so sneakritive with me everytime you go to your friends houses? You never tell me where you are or what you are doing.

Boy: Im not being sneakritive, Im just hanging out?

Girl: Where? I called your friends and you are never with them.

Boy: I dunno I just hang out!
by QueenOfSparta August 01, 2011
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