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Combination of the word Nate and Snowballing

Nate clearly defined in UD as a sexual action performed by a man that involves having heterosexual relations and ejaculating vertically into one's own mouth, instead of onto or into the female. Also can be done as a solo ejaculation move.

Snowballing meaning passing cum back and forth between two or more people's mouths. As it gets passed, the amount of saliva and cum gets larger and larger (or snowballs).

Onto the definition, to Snate is to ejaculate into ones own mouth, spit that cum into a 7 year olds mouth, preferably your daughter or son, and then have them spit it back into your mouth... vertically

Variations include:
Ralph Snater - Some of the spitting involves vomit
Enemy of the Snate - Snating to someone you hate
Across Snate lines - Shooting the cum over state lines or while driving
One Snation under God - Snating in church
United Snates of America - Snating with kids of a much different race
Union Snation - Snating at a train station
Snates on a Plane - Snating while in the air
Mastersnate - Snating with your boss' daughter or son
Elimisnator - Snating someone to death
Snate Skin Boots - Shooting cum into the shoe of someone, and using the shoe to snowball
Snate Eyes - Off the eyeball
Snature - Anywhere outside
Head of Snate - A top official snating
by Snate Simmons May 06, 2011
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